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Brandon Long

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
-BS Computer Engineering with Honors, 1995
-MS Electrical Engineering with Thesis, 1997

Work Experience
Staff Software Engineer
Google Inc, San Francisco, CA Spring 2003 - Present
- TL on the relaunch of Google Groups to include mailing lists.
- TLM for Gmail Delivery with responsibility over IMAP/POP/SMTP/listserv/Gmail API and the message routing pipeline.
- Editor for RFC 8617: The Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) Protocol
- TLM for new Cloud API that was cancelled after alpha

Neotonic Corporation, San Francisco, CA Spring 2001 - Spring 2003
-Designed & Implemented Neotonic ClearSilver CGI Templating Kit
-Designed & Implemented Neotonic Retrieve full text indexing system
-Principle Engineer for Neotonic Trakken, a scalable web-based email customer service solution
-Other tasks included: purchasing colocation and hardware, machine build, hardware installation,
   software installation, networking and firewall, monitoring, oncall, operations, build system, release system,
   software releases, support, marketing, finance, and billing.

Technical Yahoo
Yahoo! Corporation, Santa Clara, CA Summer 2000 - Spring 2001
-Continuation of Duties from eGroups as Yahoo! Groups
-Integration of eGroups mail/web system with Yahoo!
-Key Member of the Yahoo! Hockey Team

Senior Software Engineer
eGroups Corporation, San Francisco, CA Spring 1999 - Summer 2000
-Core server architecture and implementation of scalable web/email group applications
-Responsible for release building, management, debug, and coordination for a weekly release
-Responsible for first-line engineering debug and problem management
-Primary interface for problem resolution between Customer Support, QA and Engineering
-Responsible for various search engines, including full text search of over 250GB of text data

Senior Component Design Engineer
Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA Winter 1997 - Spring 1999
-Core Logic Owner for Mendocino processor, responsibilities including Architecture and
   Functional Correctness
-Performance Validation for Mendocino processor
-Design Validation tests for new features for Mendocino Processor
-System Debug of post-silicon Mendocino Processor, with emphasis on Unix OS debug
-Development and ownership of tools for aiding design and debug of Mendocino and
   related processors

Validation Engineer
Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR Fall 1996 - Winter 1997
-Post-Silicon validation of P6S and P6CS Processors
-Developed focus and stress tests for post-silicon validation in C and x86 assembly
-Assisted in debug and root cause of P6S/P6CS issues
-Developed web based tools for documentation

Graduate Research Programmer
National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Urbana, IL Spring 1995 - Fall 1996
-Primary Developer of NCSA HTTPd 1.4 and 1.5
-Developed several proto-type web servers in Java
-Studied server software architecture for performance and stability
-Various other WWW related duties and research

Software Engineer
Advantis, Schaumburg, IL Summer 1994
-Worked on EDI Magic for Windows 1.2 doing beta testing and customer customization
-Learned VM/CMS and OV/PROF on IBM Mainframes
-Learned about IBM policies, procedures, and management styles

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, Spring, Fall 1994, Spring 1995
-Worked under Professor W. Kent Fuchs and Professor M. C. Loui
-Class on 80x86 Assembly Programming and PC Architecture, ECE 291 Computer Engineering II

Related Skills
-Programming experience in Pascal, C, C++, 80x86, 68HC11, i960, Java, Perl, Python
-Programming experience under Unix/X11, DOS and Win32
-Experience in cross platform development
-System administration experience under AIX, IRIX, Ultrix, Solaris, SunOS, and Linux
-Experience with CVS, PVCS, RCS, and Perforce revision control
-Public development efforts include NCSA HTTPd, Apache, mutt, s3mod GBuffy

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