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   PalmOS Tools  

Palm Computing's Developer Resources
Here you can get copies of guide1.pdf, guide2.pdf, and other support files. There's a link to the CreatorID registration page.
GNU Pilot SDK Links
Information and Tutorials on using the GNU tools for developing Pilot Apps.
C & PILA Source Code
Links to C and PILA (asm) code to Pilot Apps for example purposes
Fat Boy's Pilot Stuff
Various apps including FretBoard, Battery Meter, and Clipboard Viewer with GCC source
Pilot Software Development
Darrin Massena's Excellent resource for PalmOS Programming
Wes Cherry's PilRC Home Page
Copilot Home Page
CoPilot Pilot Emulator for Windows home page
The PalmOS Developers Page
Official Palm OS Developers Page
Swetland's Pilot Page
Useful pointers for Pilot Development, and instructions for compiling the Pilot/GCC Development tools under Unix.
Pilot Manager
A Perl/TK "hotsync" Program for X by Bharat Mediratta
Now supported by Alan Harder
Kristin's Pilot Links
A fairly comphrehensive list of links to Pilot Resources on the Net
Programming with the GNU Pilot SDK FAQ
Tools required for building PRCs (ie, programs) for your Pilot from Unix. Requires gcc and binutils, contains patches for gcc and binutils, plus libraries, pilrc, txt2bitm and the PalmOS header files.

a port of the copilot Pilot emulator for windows to X

a program for compiling pilot resources by Wes Cherry.
An X Windows port is available here as a patch against version 1.8, or as a complete tar file. It requires a recent version of the GIMP GTK+ Widget library.
Here is an updated version for PilRC 2.0a for GTK+ 1.0.x, as a patch or as a complete tar file.

Utilities for communicating with the pilot through its hotsync serial port from the Unix command line including a C library and various other languages
Pilot Manager
A Perl/TK "hotsync" Program for X by Bharat Mediratta
Now supported by Alan Harder
a KDE hotsync tool, supposedly designed to be a complete replacement for the Win95 hotsync software
Version 0.2.0
Parses the pdb for Addresses from the Pilot, includes options to print to ascii or postscript, etc

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