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Georgy For Governor

If you've been living under a rock (or somewhere where you don't care about California politics), you may not have heard that we're having a recall election for Governor Gray Davis.

Now, I'm not that much of a fan of his... but I don't really see how this is all his fault, either. All this being the economy, I'd guess (poor CA dropped from back below the entire country of France recently it terms of GNP or GDP or something), and the state is some 35+ billion dollars in the hole. Well, we would be if we actually had a budget, which we don't, which definitely isn't Davis' fault, near as I can tell.

Anyways, with just 900,000 signatures (out of 35 million people in the state) we have a recall election coming up, a 35 million dollar boondoggle. And on top of that, apparently you only need 65 signatures and $3500 to get on the ballot. So, on top of the 10+ candidates from both the Democans and the Republicrats, everyone else is throwing their hat in the ring as well. My favorite so far: Georgy Russell, a 26 year old local woman in tech, with her own blogs and Georgy for Gov thong underwear (from CafePress, where you too can get whatever logo you want on underwear).

So, vote for whomever you want! Its not like it matters, right? I think that its on election, and you vote for whether to recall and the replacement at the same time, and I haven't seen any polls where the recall actually wins... so maybe its actually safe to "throw your vote away" (thank you Kang).

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