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Power out at Navisite

So, Neotonic's servers are located in SF at a cololocation facility formerly known as ClearBlue, now owned by Navisite. I was amused to just get their August Newsletter where they were so proud that none of their colos in the affected Northeast power outage lost power. That's nice. It would be nicer if our colo in SF hadn't had a power outage about a week before, which was attributed to a security guard hitting the big red "emerygency power off" button, which not only turned everything off, but broken one of their UPSs, so when they tried to turn it back on later they had a second outage. Of course, I was on vacation at the time, but I was still getting paged, and I couldn't even get somewhere to turn off the paging. 300 pages later (which is about $30 on Sprint's wonderful plan), everything's back up and serving.

They claim the security guard thought it would shut off an audible alarm. I'm betting it did. And the switch even had a mollyguard.

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