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You know, it sometimes sounds like people are pushing the panic button on this one, and I'm usually one to give people (and things) the benefit of the doubt, but the number of stories I've read about how bad electronic voting machines could be, and how right wing those who run the companies are (hardly surprising for heavy government contractors, I'm sure)... the more scared I get. Not enough to think that the elections they've been talking about are actually rigged... but you know, the country seems way too balanced, so its not like you have to rig it far to make a big difference... and I am from Chicago, after all (vote early, vote often, vote in alphabetical order). I first read an article from a Moscow newspaper, but then a couple articles from the BBC and the Telegraph in the UK, and they tend to be fairly reliable sources... Here are some links to help you if you haven't noticed this yet: All the President's votes? - Slashdot Articles

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