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Same-sex family values

Salon is running this article about Same-sex family values. They basically look at two women and their daughter who have moved to a small town in California from the Bay Area, and the impact they have had moving there on their neighbors and church. The most interesting part to me, are the quotes from a couple who live down the street, who apparently occasionally baby-sit the daughter, and the wife says she doesn't think same-sex couples raising children is "right" and the husband says they are moving because of their presence. How would you like to learn those tidbits about your "friendly" neighbors?

You know, I've mentioned this before, but living in the Bay Area certainly colors one's perspective. Its as if you're surrounded by so many people and opinions that are so liberal, that you imagine the whole country is centered much farther to the left than it actually is. After all, in the last real CA Governor's election, the Green Party candidate got a larger percentage of votes than the Republican candidate...

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