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Number Portability FUD

The wireless companies have been fighting number portability (the ability to take your phone number to a different wireless company) for years, but its supposed to go into affect this month.

I found this article amusing as a last ditch PR effort against it. Oh no, people will be switching companies and throwing out the phones! And that's anti-environment!

Personally, I've been having trouble with my Sprint phone recently, and my gf is trying to get me to at least buy a new phone, but all the new phones are these crappy things with cameras. Where's the nice solid usable phone that'll match my StarTAC? Not on Sprint, at least. And I can't really justify the $600 for the Samsung Palm PDA phone, especially after buying a Danger Sidekick earlier this year (which I can't imagine using as a real phone, hence I still have my startac).

Maybe I should just buy a used startac on ebay...

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