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Another one for the "everyone is a criminal" files

Did you know that if you are a single parent, or divorced, or just happening to be traveling with your child without the other parent, you often need a notarized letter from the other parent signifying that you have permission to travel with the child? International child kidnapping must be really bad for this to be a necessary requirement for ALL parents traveling with kids, huh? After all, if one really wanted to do smuggle a child across the border, one wouldn't fake such documentation or just have someone else travel with them to be the "other" parent. Sheesh.

Man, its worse than that, read some of the examples parent's have had, including parent's suing over the documentation, suing that the kids gone out of the country, never married or divorced and changed their name back to their maiden name, dead beat parent's trying to leverage giving permission to not pay child support... The documentation is easy enough if you are still married and traveling separately, but try getting the documentation in a nasty divorce, or if you were never married, or even if you have a restraining order against the other parent. Go Nanny State!

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