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What the hell is type punning?

All of a sudden, everyone is complaining that clearsilver doesn't compile, or at least gives bad sounding warnings about type-punning. I don't even know what that is, but all of the discussions I've read make it sound like I'm the only one who doesn't know what that is. Apparently, I missed a memo. Here's a usenet summary that says "Type punning generally means treating an object, particularly a pointer, as an object of a different type." for the example: (int*)ptr_to_void.

The problem seems indemic to the my generic collections, where I get data out of the collection by passing in a ptr to void *. Apparently, this doesn't work:

  struct tm *foo;
  uListGet(mylist, 1, (void **)&foo);
but this does:
  struct tm *foo;
  void *ptr;
  uListGet(mylist, 1, &ptr);
  foo = ptr;
That's annoying. This also compiles:
  struct tm *foo;
  uListGet(mylist, 1, (void *)&foo);
which I'm not sure why. You can't do &(void *)foo, so maybe its just an ordering thing?

Here's off to change all the calls in my code. Ugh.

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