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Comcast's Video on demand service

Anyone else try the new Comcast video on demand service? If I was them, I'd be ashamed at releasing such a crappy product. It does come with a new theme for the comcast guide, so its not quite so ugly anymore, and it even feels a bit less sluggish, but that doesn't really matter. Just turn to channel "1" and try any one of the ondemand videos available. Its like the old bad days of video over the internet, all you get is really jittery video with horrible mpeg artifacting. The dating on demand service didn't work for me at all, it just gave me a bunch of mpeg artifacts. And they expect me to pay $4-9 for the privilege? Not likely. I can only imagine that it works better with the newer cable boxes or maybe in places with fewer cable modem subscribers. Or maybe my cable line is bad. In any case, its pretty pathetic.

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