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I work for Google, you may know. A big company with a "don't be evil" motto makes an easy target, it seems. I like working here, for a number of reasons. I wish we'd be more public about a whole bunch of things we do, but secrecy is good for the soul and the bottom line. I've seen us go from being a darling to being a darling with a bunch of Google playa-haters (some of whom even have the gall to suggest they should be hired to fix our "problems". Hah!) And we don't really respond, because its really not worth it to respond to the stupid things, and even on the big things most people aren't really listening, they have already made up their minds. Still..

But sometimes, we respond with style. And thats another reason to love working for this company.

Now if I can just convince them to open a San Francisco office, it'll be perfect...

And to quote a competitor's #1 blogger, we're hiring.

and in other news... And I thought the gmail team was joking about that last week. Gmail, the April Fools non-joke continues...

I'd also like to point out that $500 million buys a lot of computing power[1]. Wouldn't you like to play with that? Or the joys of receiving an email about how there are only a couple terabytes left on a cluster, can people please clean up some space?

[1] Or computing that takes a lot of power.

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